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Committee members are:

Dave Pellett: President 

Doug Clark: Vice President 

Jim Lake: Secretary

Karen Styer: Treasurer 

Kay Gilbertson, Jerry Joe Hartung, Jeff Merritt, Lori Myers, Tammy Pellett, and Katie Wantoch.

Promoting Agriculture and dairy products in Dunn County, WI. The Dunn County Dairy Promotion committee receives Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin support to help showcase our dairy industry in local communities across Dunn County. The committee of dedicated volunteers shares positive dairy messages through local dairy promotions, farm tours, and dairy education programs in our local schools. In addition to providing the annual dairy breakfast, the Dairy Promotion Committee also sponsors scholarships each year to area students who live or work on a dairy farm in Dunn County; supports milk, cheese and other dairy product promotions at events and programs, such as UW-Stout Athletics and local school athletic programs.

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